Observatory for Interdisciplinary Practices

The objective of the LabexMed Observatory for Interdisciplinary Practices is to appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of the research projects supported by LabexMed and to assist in its implementation. It is also responsible for promoting a culture of interdisciplinarity throughout the LabexMed research community and proposing new avenues of research.


The Observatory Team


Designed as a small functional group made up of a supervisor, 5 researchers from LabexMed partner laboratories and 2 researchers from external research units, the team is appointed for a duration of 2 years.

In 2018-2019, the team consists of

Its missions

  • to collect and centralise data, and to produce interdisciplinarity indicators.
  • to provide feedback on LabexMed financed research project experiences supported and exchange on methods.
  • to discover new avenues of research that could lead to collaborations between disciplines of the Human and Social Sciences and beyond, with Biology and Earth Sciences.