Previous projects

Between 2012 and 2017, LabexMed supported 48 collaborative research projects: 5 Programmed Interdisciplinary Research Actions in the Mediterranean, 35 pilot projects, 2 APOG projects and 3 Platform projects.


Programmed Interdisciplinary Research Actions in the Mediterranean

The first APRIMED call was launched in 2014 and 2 programs were selected.

  • HYDROSYRA – Management of Water Resources in a Mediterranean Territory from Ancient times to the present day: the case of the Galermi aqueduct in Syracuse.
  • MEDISOPHIA – Galen and Arabic Philosophy: from Manuscript to XML.


The second APRIMED call was launched in 2015 and 3 projects were selected.

  • DEMOFEMED – Population Dynamics in the Mediterranean: the Issue of Feminisation.
  • ONGUENT – Plant-derived Tars for Medicinal use in the Mediterranean: Past and Present.
  • PALOMED – Local belonging in the Mediterranean. Social affiliations, Rights, Claims.


Pilot projects from the Themed Workshops for Interdisciplinary Research

The incubator system for collective and interdisciplinary research projects was launched in 2012. Five waves of projects were selected between 2012 and 2017.

2012-2013 Pilot Projects


2013-2014 Pilot Projects


2014-2015 Pilot Projects


2015-2016 Pilot Projects

2017-2018 Pilot Projects

  • CONPOSEE: Political conflicts and structures of economic elites. Is there a restructuring of the business community during the “Arab Spring” and its aftermath?
  • EXPLOCROIRE: Exploring Subjectivation in Faith. Survey on the ontological matrices of religious conversion
  • STORMER: Traditional rainwater harvesting system: a sustainable solution for a non-urban population in the Mediterranean.


PACA Region Projects- APOG

  • PICTURE IT – Socio-historical Analysis of the industrial-port Territory of Fos. Perspectives on the Photographic Work of Jacques Windenberger.
  • TEPRENCA – Territories of non-carbon Energy Production in the Mediterranean. Local Socio-history of Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energies (solar and wind) in France and Italy.

PACA Region Projects- Platform component 

  • ORAG: Gaul Architectural Ornamentation
  • ARCADIIS -Infrastructure for Archaeology Interoperability and Data Sharing
  • MIRCAP – Research management on the pre-Islamic Arabian Peninsula: from the field to a collaborative platform