Chair of Excellence

From September 1st 2016 to October 31st 2017, LabexMed assigned its Aristotle Chair of Excellence in Mediterranean Studies to Delphine Perrin.

Focusing on issues related to mobility and migration, the Chair aims to promote transdisciplinarity in its three main components: research, training of doctoral students and scientific coordination.

Research project of the Chair:


The Creation of a Mobility Right in the Maghreb: a Living Right at the heart of Societies.


This project focuses on studying, in a comparative way, the creation of the law concerning mobility in the Maghreb countries (from Libya to Mauritania), placing them at the heart of the various dynamics intersecting these societies.

From the Mediterranean to the Sahel, the issue of human mobility is increasingly governed by law. After a first wave of unprecedented reforms in the region as a whole during the 2000s, some states – first of all Morocco, but also Tunisia and Mauritania – have been engaged since the 2010s in new legal processes concerning mobility and migration.

This project is based around three ambitions: that of integrating Law into the research on mobilities in the Maghreb, by associating the legal approach with those of other Human and Social Sciences; to renew the approach of legal development in this area, focusing on the proceedings of the creation of the law governing mobility; finally, to invest the wealth, the complexity and the perpetual renewal of the forces that interact in this creation and make it a living process, rooted in societies.

This project explores the agency of “subordinate” states and societies in their own legal development, focusing on the many “connections” of the law, its sources and representatives. It follows the way in which law is fabricated and tinkered with through the interaction of various individual and collective forces that come together and confront each other at local level.

It focuses on three areas: understanding the impetus of the legal process; analysing cross-influences, their articulation and compatibility; studying the appropriation of legal means and their territorial impact.

It is thus anchored in the specific national contexts of societies in motion, while linking them to regional dynamics (EU, Mediterranean, Sahelian Africa, West Africa) and global dynamics affecting the issue of migration.


As of November 1st 2017 Delphine Perrin is recruited at the IRD and affiliated to the LPED.