Current projects

In 2019, there are 7 collaborative research projects supported by LabexMed: 2 Programmed Interdisciplinary Research Actions in the Mediterranean (APRIMED) projects, 3 Pilot projects, 1 PACA Region Platform project and 1 PACA General Research (APOG) project.


Programmed Interdisciplinary Research Actions in the Mediterranean

There are two APRIMEDs in progress, selected for the 2017 call for projects:

  • CAMU – Circulation and adaptation of urban planning models in the western Mediterranean, 20th and 21st centuries
  • CHROMED – Chronology and Dynamics of Mediterranean and Atlantic Prehistoric Settlements in Morocco.


Pilot Projects from the Themed Workshops for Interdisciplinary Research


Three amorce projects have been selected for the sixth wave of pilot projects starting in January 2018 and ending in June 2019:

  • OTTOMED – Ottoman Remnants in the Mediterranean: a Disputed Heritage.
  • Pix Illyrica – The Bitumen of the Nymphaion of Selenice: an Interdisciplinary Exploration in Albania.
  • TRANSRELEX – Spiritual Transmission and Manufacture of Religious Heritage in the Mediterranean. Individual Experiences.

PACA Region Platform project

One PACA Region Platform project is supported by LabexMed in 2018-2019:

  • SCULPTURO – Evolution of NEsp/RBR databases towards a research platform on Roman sculpture in the Mediterranean, from data collection to editorialization of scientific content


PACA Region Research project (general component).

The  APOG-PACA project is supported by LabexMed, for 2018-2019:

PICTURE I.T. – Socio-historical Analysis of the industrial-port Territory of Fos. Perspectives on the Photographic Work of Jacques Windenberger.