LabexMed – Human and Social Sciences at the heart of Interdisciplinarity for the Mediterranean. LabexMed is a laboratory of excellence on Mediterranean studies uniting 16 Aix-Marseille University mixed research units (UMRs) from a variety of disciplines: Archeology, History, Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Law, Philosophy and Epistemology.

LabexMed, an Agent in International Research


Combining, organizing and structuring the 16 grouped units partnership, LabexMed strengthens the international attractiveness of all partners and contributes to the creation of European research by:


  • developing Euro-Mediterranean research and documentation networks on the Mediterranean;
  • ensuring the coordination and advocacy of international cooperation, and in particular north-south exchanges with a collaborative aim;
  • consolidating the place of French research in the Mediterranean.


Mutualizing Skills, Decompartmentalising Disciplines and Advancing Interdisciplinary Practices

At the Aix-Marseille site, LabexMed brings together far-reaching expertises for the study of man and Human Societies in the Mediterranean. This allows to: – progress towards multidisciplinary and integrated approaches to the study of the Mediterranean, by promoting the dialogue between Human and Social Sciences and Earth and Environmental Sciences and Biology across space and time;- open transversal perspectives for scientific projects within the framework of the Themed Workshops for Interdisciplinary Research (ATRI).

Promoting Digital Humanities

LabexMed engages in a collective reflection on the use of digital technolgies within Social and Human Sciences (evolution of the book, protection and accessibility of cultural heritage, research archives) in order to promote collaborative research, through data, tool and method sharing.The issue here concerns more particularly the Euro-Mediterranean community associating research centers from the northern, southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean basin for which the establishment and development of new collaborative practices is closely linked to the sharing of documentary resources via the construction of data and document platforms, the diffusion of their usage and a widespread appropriation of digital tools and standards.

Coordinating partner: Aix-Marseille University (AMU)


In partnership with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Institute for Research on Development (IRD), the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS), the University of Avignon and the Vaucluse (UAPV).


Scientific coordination: The Mediterranean House of Human Sciences (USR 3125 / MMSH).


Funding period: 2011-2019


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