Focus Workshops

The OPI team meets regularly and holds brainstorming workshops on various matters regarding the implementation of interdisciplinarity within the LabexMed program. Several questions are addressed, but the main one remains “How to objectively appreciate interdisciplinary collaboration in research projects?”


On this point, the OPI has defined some relevant indicators to assess the progress of interdisciplinary practices:

  • increased degree of knowledge of the other’s discipline
  • skill interconnection
  • construction / development of an interdisciplinary frame of reference
  • reintegration into the research question of objects specific to each discipline but in a common perspective
  • transformation of the initial project through time
  • integration of the different discipline timeframes
  • construction of an interdisciplinary objective.


Similarly, the OPI has proposed some indications on the possible future developments in terms of outreach for the interdisciplinary process:

  • participation in common training
  • participation in other-discipline symposia
  • publication in journals other than those of one’s discipline
  • interdisciplinary co-publication.