In the wake of AMU’s recent policy on scientific visibility, in 2016 LabexMed created a project-specific collection ( on the HAL bibliographic platform, in order to showcase the scientific production financed by LabexMed.

The HAL platform, a bibliographic tool in the form of an open archive originally created by the CNRS but later adopted by many national institutions, brings together bibliographic records and some of the related texts from research funded by public institutions.

The aim of this approach is not only to show the scientific production linked to the project, but also to promote the interdisciplinary visibility of the LabexMed perimeter and especially to produce scientific content related to bibliographic production.

In this sense, the bibliographic records deposited in HAL are not limited to the basic information needed to identify the work, but they are enhanced with additional information, such as summaries and any other information available and useful to the user. Since its creation, the LabexMed HAL collection has been evolving and is continually being supplemented thanks to additions from the perimeter’s scientific community.

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LabexMed – Publication charter, communication for doctoral and postdoctoral students.
LabexMed – Publication charter, communication for researchers participating in LabexMed projects and research seminars.