Previous projects

Between 2012 and 2017, LabexMed supported 40 collaborative research projects, 5 Programmed Interdisciplinary Research Actions in the Mediterranean and 35 pilot projects.


Programmed Interdisciplinary Research Actions in the Mediterranean

The first APRIMED call was launched in 2014 and 2 programs were selected.

  • HYDROSYRA – Management of Water Resources in a Mediterranean Territory from Ancient times to the present day: the case of the Galermi aqueduct in Syracuse.
  • MEDISOPHIA – Galen and Arabic Philosophy: from Manuscript to XML.


The second APRIMED call was launched in 2015 and 3 projects were selected.

    • PALOMED - Local belonging in the Mediterranean. Social affiliations, Rights, Claims
    • DEMOFEMED – Population Dynamics in the Mediterranean: the Issue of Feminisation.
    • ONGUENT – Plant-derived Tars for Medicinal use in the Mediterranean: Past and Present.
    • PALOMED – Local belonging in the Mediterranean. Social affiliations, Rights, Claims.


    Pilot projects from the Themed Workshops for Interdisciplinary Research

    The incubator system for collective and interdisciplinary research projects was launched in 2012. Four waves of projects were selected between 2012 and 2015. 2012-2013 Pilot Projects

    • EXIFORMAM – International expertise and reforms of Vocational Training in the Maghreb
    • HISTORMED – History of Gold in the Mediterranean, from Antiquity to the present day
    • Fishery Techniques in the Mediterranean – practices, transfers, environments (Proto-history – 21st century)
    • HYDROSYRA – The environmental Resource Exploitation of a Territory. The water supply of the city of Syracuse from Antiquity to the modern era. The Galermi aqueduct (Syracuse, Sicily, Italy)
    • Uses and Management of the Mediterranean Forest: which Timescales for which Management?
    • Rock Engravings in their Environment: a Historical Eco-anthropology Perspective from the southern Mediterranean (Morocco, Egypt)
    • LabexMed DNA – New origins. The advent of DNA in ancestral stories.
    • Intellectual openings of Decolonization – the case of the Church of Algeria
    • Mobilization and Accessibility of the past in the Mediterranean Public Space. Digital devices in Heritage Processes and Museographic Staging
    • ALIMED – Diachrony of Eating Behaviors: setting up a Thematic Network
    • National Identities and New Constitutions – What evolutions after the “Arab revolutions”?
    • Religious Conversions in the Mediterranean – Dynamics between Individual Commitment and Institutional Frameworks
    • The Right to Belong. Social Links and Local Listings in the Mediterranean
    • Judaism in the face of the Political and Religious Challenges of Roman Imperialism (2nd century BC – 7th century AD)
    • Border Production. On the Materiality of Physical and Ideal Political Spaces


    2013-2014 Pilot Projects

    • Cultural and Creative Economy – Territories, circulations, agents
    • Territory, Limits, Identities – Exchange customs and the creation of economic ranges in the Mediterranean from Antiquity to modern times
    • Mobil Hom(m)es – Inhabiting mobility in the Mediterranean. Types, techniques, customs, rules, conflicts, vulnerabilities
    • TRAMED – Work-related issues in a crisis-stricken Mediterranean
    • LiDAR – New LiDAR prospection technologies applied to the observation of two Mediterranean coastal environments: Loron-Busuja (Croatia) and the Golfe de Fos (France)
    • MEDENERGY – Socio-environments and energy landscapes in the Mediterranean
    • The renewal of art through the contact with Greece. Myth vs the History of ornamentation in Enlightenment Europe
    • Fortified houses in the eastern Mediterranean: Crete between the Venetian and Ottoman dominations
    • TRANSPUMED – The Mediterranean: a heuristic space for public service?


    2014-2015 Pilot Projects

    • The Mosaicist’s Materials.
    • RTM-IPEM – Work relationships and relationships to work in a globalised world. Installations and business partnerships in the Maghreb.
    • ForHuMM – Forests and human occupation from mountainous regions to the Mediterranean coast, from Prehistory to the middle of the 19th century
    • NEDEMO – NEandertal DEmise MOdelisation
    • AfricaMed – Crossing Perspectives on the Objects of Migrants between Africa and the Mediterranean
    • Family Photographic Portraits in the Mediterranean, from the Private to the Political Realm
    • BALKAMED – The Balkans and the Mediterranean: common objets/differing perspectives
    • Absence as a means of Belonging – An Ariadne’s thread in the Euro-Mediterranean landscape. 2015-2016 Pilot Projects
    • About Nature and the Environment: political commitment as a process at the crossroads of personal and collective experiences
    • Over the cloud: from 3D clouds to Dissemination
    • The area of ​​Freedom, Security and Justice, a public policy of the European Union in search of a model?


    PACA Region Projects- Platform component 

    • ORAG: Gaul Architectural Ornamentation